Dealers & Distributors

Whether you are a mass retailer, a buying group or a stand alone service provider (such as a doctor or dentist), iFinance's consumer finance programs provides your clients, patients, customers or members with affordable and convenient monthly payment options.

It is not just the 26 years of experience in lending to consumers, it is the ongoing desire to provide the best service possible. The service, streamlined technology and attractiveness of our easy finance programs have continued to make iFinance the leader in consumer financing in Canada.

Our variety of finance programs allows for you to advertise low and attractive monthly payments - often much more effective than advertising the full price of a product. Customers can think affordability and can easily consider if their desired purchase works within their budget.

Our programs provides an increased ability to close sales in an otherwise competitive competitive consumer marketplace.

If you are a service provider

and would like to register your business to offer financing, please visit our service provider area.