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iFinance Canada service provider and plastic surgeon
iFinance Canada service provider and plastic surgeon
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Our experience tells us that investors appreciate straight talk about their investments and to know exactly where their investments are going. With iFinance Canada – the investment made (in the form of a short-term loan) goes directly toward a high-yield lending portfolio. A portion of the spread (which is the interest difference between the short-term loans and the rate at which iFinance loans money out) is put aside for defaults and servicing costs.   It is that simple…the investment is not for operating costs or for third party investment….that is why our product line up is straightforward.

We offer Investment Certificates with attractive rates, through a network of independent registered deposit brokers or directly through iFinance Canada. No stepped rates, no index linked, no "promotional" products. Just a straightforward return (paid monthly).

Short-term notes are the investment of choice for people looking for surety of principal, with a certain, modest return. iFinance offers terms from one to six years, with a choice of regular payments of interest, either monthly or annually. The amount that can be invested is your choice and, as in our lending strategy, the size of notes and terms are diversified making it a simple transaction to pay out or renew at the end of terms. You can customize the length of the term around your personal or business needs.



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