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Your customers look to you for the specialized products, services and know-how that only you can provide. Affordability need not be a barrier to ownership.

A consumer finance program allows you to advertise affordable payments to your market for both products and services. Consumer financing at point of sale also reduces budget related constraints and price objections.

Benefits to Dealers

iFinance Canada is not a competitor to your dealership. iFinance Canada does not hold any inventory for resale to the public.

Customer Financing
iFinance Canada can offer your customers fast and affordable financing at competitive rates with convenient terms, benefiting you when you receive repeat and referral business. We take the word "frustration" out of financing - leave it with us - we will manage your customers payments while you enjoy the full benefit of doing what you do best.

Fast and Simple
It is a priority for iFinance Canada to offer you the most convenient service possible, we understand the importance of a quick completion of a sale. Our goal is to have your customer pre-approved quickly - removing budget concerns and allowing you to deliver what your customer needs and wants quickly.

Easy Application Process
iFinance Canada is designed to be an easy, flexible tool that all buyers will want to use. We provide a variety of finance programs to suite your clients budget - just ask... we will work quickly and closely with you to find a program that best suits you and your customer's needs.

A program that is right for you