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The big business behind cosmetic surgery loans

akAnn Kaplan, founder and CEO of iFinance Canada, the largest lender of unsecured loans for elective surgery in the country.

Need a loan for breast implants? What about a facelift, or teeth whitening?

Every year thousands of women as well as a few men borrow to fund cosmetic surgeries. Often, the company making that loan is iFinance Canada Inc., the biggest provider of plastic surgery financing in the country having lent out more than $200-million to Canadians wanting to nip, tuck and lift their looks through elective procedures.

Ann Kaplan, chief executive and founder of the alternative lender, is rightly proud of the business she formed in Vancouver in 1996 and watched grow into a multimillion-dollar empire – tracking closely with the growth in credit as well as cosmetic surgery clinics that have sprouted up across the country over the last decade and a half.

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Nurturing Workplace Culture

68-1Hire people who fit corporate values.

Nature or nurture?

It’s a question that comes up a lot when talking about how humans grow into the people they are – and depending on who you talk to, the answer is usually somewhere in the range of 50-50 – you’re born with some things, your environment gives you some others.

The question is less often applied to organizations, though, and that’s something Ann Kaplan, CEO of iFinance, would like to change.

Kaplan believes work environments can be nurtured every bit as much as human personality, and a nurtured workplace better serves both employers and their employees.

“You could state that a spiritual organization, if you define spirituality not as religion but as a positive culture, would lead to committed employees; and a very negative workplace would be not a very positive environment to work in …,” said Kaplan, whose company provides loans to people who are unable to borrow through traditional channels.

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