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iFinance Canada service provider and plastic surgeon
iFinance Canada service provider and plastic surgeon
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iFinance Canada (formally known as Medicard Finance Inc.) was founded in 1996 at the beginning of a growth in the acceptance and demand for elective surgery, cosmetic dentistry and laser eye procedures and the start of the trend away from publicly funded expenditures for medicine. Medicard’s goal was to become an overall finance facility for privately funded medical procedures. At that time this market represented 22.1% of total health care expenditures - (equivalent to $27.1 billion dollars per annum).

The Company achieved dramatic growth, registering an astounding 6000 physicians to the program by 2010, initially claiming the honored 21st position in Canada for growth for a startup Company, among other national awards, to the 17th largest revenue producing Company in Canada in 2003 and maintaining position as one of the top 100 Companies for growth from 2004 through to 2010– an unprecedented achievement. In fact, the demand for services and financing was beyond what the Company was able to facilitate on a long-term business model. A snowball effect took place, $1,000,000 was funded in the first twelve months, one month later that figure doubled and continued to double each month for the following year. To date, the Company has financed over $160,000,000 .

Today, iFinance Canada recognizes a leading positioning in Canada for financing of medical, dental and veterinary procedures.

  • In fifteen years iFinance has established itself as an industry innovator and leader in Canada.
  • It is now the leading provider of elective medical finance and information in the Country.

The selling points comes as much from who we are not as who we are. We do not have a branch network and we are not in the business of full service retail banking. What we are is a consumer lending company – basically, if you are in need of a medical, dental or veterinary procedure (or other small loan, for that matter), we are there to provide you financing through your doctor’s office or vendor.

We are committed to the highest level of customer service. When you call iFinance Canada, you can speak directly with a member of our team. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. You can contact us at 1 866 777 9876 or 1 416 777 9876.

Our consumer lending experience provides the basis for iFinance Canada’s dedication to customer satisfaction. Through an extensive network of service providers (over 8000) across Canada, iFinance Canada provides consumers with the very best possible rates for unsecured lending and service that is unparalleled. Our commitment to customer service is demonstrated by the quick and competitive credit decisions and history of satisfied customers that have continually received unsecured financing for their procedures, services and/or products.

Whether applying for a loan or investing through fixed term notes, iFinance Canada is committed to helping provide the financial security you deserve.

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